Thomas Kam

Thomas started​ life as a poet and classical pianist, with these interests eventually converging into his current work as a singer/songwriter and performer. His music fuses the lyrical sensibilities of Leonard Cohen and the vocal exploration of Jeff Buckley, underpinned by a piano style that moves between classical, improvisation and stadium-sized anthems.

In 2017 Thomas spent 9 months being treated for leukaemia in isolation.  Much of his current work is a response to this experience. Thomas created Dear Lady Death, a one-man show based on songs and poems written during his illness and recovery. He has given talks about his experiences, and written essays on the subject (which are available here).

Thomas hosts The Making Tracks Podcast, in which he interviews musicians about the story behind a song, their life story, philosophy, psychology, spirituality and more. He is also developing Travelosophy, a series which is part travel vlog, part arts documentary.