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About Thomas 甘 Kam

Thomas is a singer/songwriter, poet and performer. His music combines folk, poetry, classical, improvisation and electronic. His unique style is paired with an expressive voice, drawing inspiration from Leonard hen, Jeff Buckley and Bon I

His poetry moves betweens the spirutual and the sensual, traditional and experimenal. His lyrics are personal and philosophical - understanding life through death, intimacy, water and the mystery of consciousness and water are key themes.


Having trained with national Youth Theatre and The School for Wise Children, he  wrote and performed his first performance, Dear Lady Death, about his experiences of being close to death -comprising poetry and music written at the time. He is a published essayist and poet, including Another Way Home, Burnished Steel & The Friend Quarterly. He has performed at festivals including Camp Bestival, Valleyfest, Cheltenham Jazz Fetival and Lyra Fest, aand venues including Manchester Bridgewater Hal and Exeter Cathedral

Thomas hosts The Making Tracks Podcast, interviewing  interviews musicians about the story of a song, their life and phislohpicall topics.

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